Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Activities is your platform for cultivating connection and community! By placing the student experience at the core of our work, we strive to advance Kalamazoo College’s mission through the learning and growth of all students. We encourage self-exploration, development of meaningful interpersonal connection, and building of supportive social networks, all in an effort to enhance the campus community.  We continually work toward this by including students in the planning, execution, and evaluation of everything we do. This includes:  cultivating effective, relevant, and representational program offerings, developing leadership skills, and promoting a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for all. 

Vision Statement

A campus community where all students are represented, involved, and leading well-balanced lives so they can engage in meaningful personal and social development. 

Guiding Values

In the Office of Student Activities, we value:
Being Accessible to Students
Creating Inclusive Spaces
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Putting Students First
Building Trust and Respect