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Buzz with thumbs up


Kalamazoo College Mascot

Buzz loves all things K and can often bee found at Student Activities programs & events. If you spot Buzz on campus, they are always up for a friendly high-five (just don’t swat, it makes them nervous) or a selfie. Visit the College’s “Our History” website to learn more about Buzz.

staff photo of Jon Collier

Jon Collier

Director of Student Activities

Jon joined Student Activities in 2018 and has been hard at work ever since. Jon oversees all programs hosted by Student Activities and helps provide support to student organizations. He also advises the Student Funding Board and coordinates Orientation.

OSA staff photo of Colleen

Colleen McInerney

Interim Associate Director of Student Activities

Colleen joined the Student Activities team in 2020 as a graduate student intern and we didn’t want to let her leave. Since 2021 she has served as a full-time staff member who works to help students turn all of the cool ideas into reality. She brings a great deal of energy and experience and her work on campus supports student organizations in all of their efforts.

Natalie Markech K’21

Program Coordinator for Student Activities

Nat joined Student Activities as a full-time staff member in 2022.  Prior to that, she was an undergraduate employee of the office until she graduated in 2021.  She is excited to return to SA and cultivate joyous events like the ones she experienced herself as a K student.

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